Denise gradually lost almost all of her upper teeth & half of her lowers. She wore a removable partial denture which was really uncomfortable. She was ashamed to smile, even when her partial denture was in place. Her upper lip was collapsed leaving her with a sunken in look to her face. She had lost significant bone in her jaws making her look and feel older than she really was.

Denise wanted to get her smile back and re-establish fullness to her lips and face. She decided to replace all of her teeth with new permanently attached teeth that she never has to take out.

Dr. Ajmo performed the Teeth Next Day procedure on her upper and lower jaws and custom designed permanently attached zirconia implant bridgework. Denise has a whole new outlook on life.

“This has totally changed my life. I look and feel like a new woman and it’s taken 15 years off my face. The procedure wasn’t near as difficult as I expected and it didn’t hurt a bit. I can’t thank you enough, Denise “


Alan had older bridge work that was completely failing and none of his remaining teeth could be saved. He is an attorney who has always been energetic and outgoing, but he knew his teeth were unsightly. He also knew his advanced dental disease was damaging to his heart and his overall health.

Alan wanted a healthy mouth and a dazzling bright smile to match his energetic personality. He also wanted teeth strong enough to eat a good steak.

Dr. Ajmo performed upper and lower Teeth Next Day with zirconia implant bridgework. Alan’s teeth never come out and he can eat whatever he likes. Now he smiles with confidence.

"Teeth Next Day is incredible! I had no idea this kind of procedure could be performed so quickly and painlessly. You and your team are absolutely amazing. Thanks, XXX"


Michelle suffered most of her adult life with bad teeth and finally lost most of them. She avoided the dentist for more than a decade due to fear. She had trouble eating and was so ashamed of her teeth, she would hardly leave the house.

She finally researched online and learned about Teeth Next Day and sedation. After meeting with the Teeth Next Day team, she realized she could have all her treatment with IV sedation and she would experience absolutely no pain or anxiety during her treatment.

Michelle had Teeth Next Day on her upper and lower jaws. Now she eats whatever foods she likes, speaks to others more than she used to and smiles all the time. Teeth Next Day gave her a whole new outlook on her life.

“This has been a life change for me. Now I can meet people and have a conversation without feeling ashamed and covering my mouth."

“It really wasn’t bad and I would do it all over again if I had to. Thank you and your wonderful staff for changing my life. - Michelle”​​​​​​​


Jerry is a firefighter and has always been extremely fearful of the dentist. He lost all of his back teeth and his front teeth were broken and hopeless. His wife encouraged him to have his teeth fixed after learning about Teeth Next Day and IV sedation.

Jerry was able to have all his failing teeth removed, dental implants placed and his teeth replaced under IV sedation. Permanent zirconia bridgework was customized to give Jerry a smile he could be proud of.

“I had no idea I could have this done with so little stress or discomfort. I thank my wife for supporting me and I thank the Teeth Next Day team for helping me. I feel great and I have so much more confidence. Thank you, Jerry”


Linda lost most of her teeth over the years and knew she had to do something about it. She really didn’t want dentures and like so many others, she hated going to the dentist. She wasn’t sure what could be done, but her friend referred to our practice.

Once she learned about Teeth Next Day and IV sedation, she knew she could do it. Linda had her failing teeth removed, dental implants placed and Teeth Next Day put in all under sedation. Now she smiles with confidence and is living her life to the fullest.

“I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know who to turn to or what could be done. I’m so glad I learned of Teeth Next Day and the sedation. This has completely changed my life! Thank you with all my heart, Linda”


Tony had older dental work that was failing on most of his teeth. He didn’t feel comfortable smiling and was experiencing dental pain and emotional stress whenever things flared up. His wife learned about dental implants and took him to our practice to see what we could do for him. Once he and his wife understood his options, they opted for Teeth Next Day.

Tony had his entire mouth and smile restored with permanent zirconia implant bridgework. Now he eats what he wants with total comfort and smiles with confidence.

“Thank you guys for doing such a great job. My wife and I are totally pleased with your work. I have no more pain and I can truly smile again without holding back. All my best to your entire team, Tony”


Lenny was extremely fearful of the dentist and suffered with advanced periodontal disease. All of his teeth were loose and he knew his periodontal disease was directly linked to heart disease, but he kept it secret so he wouldn’t have to address the problem. His wife encouraged him to finally go to the dentist, so he researched online and found Dr. Ajmo.

Lenny wanted the most naturally looking and functional teeth he could get. He also wanted to not feel or know anything at all during treatment. After careful consideration, Lenny chose to have Teeth Next Day performed with IV sedation.

His final restoration looks, feels and functions like his real teeth. Lenny has absolutely no disease in his mouth and he smiles with total confidence.

“I’m so happy I finally had this procedure done. Even though I was nervous about it, I have to admit it really wasn’t that bad at all. I feel so much healthier and my wife tells me I look great. Thanks to the Teeth Next Day team for helping me with my failing teeth, Lenny”


Tim suffered with bad teeth most of his adult life. He avoided seeing the dentist out of fear until his problems got so bad, he was forced to seek help. He finally found out about IV sedation and visited our practice to see what we could do for him.

After meeting a thorough examination and discussing his options with our doctor, he chose to have Teeth Next Day performed under IV sedation. Now Tim has a healthy mouth and a brand new smile that he’s proud of.

“I suffered for years with dental problems and wouldn’t go to the dentist unless the pain was unbearable. The IV sedation worked wonders and allowed me to get the care I needed without the stress. This have really boosted my self-confidence and changed my whole life. I can’t thank you enough, Tim”


Bruce had loose teeth that were shifting over time. He had an advanced periodontal disease and was losing bone in his jaws rapidly. He knew the problem had to be addressed and was also concerned how his dental disease was affecting his heart.

After discussing his options, he chose to have Teeth Next Day performed with permanent zirconia implant bridgework. He wanted the brightest smile possible and wanted strong secure teeth that would feel comfortable.

“My zirconia bridges feel so natural and they look great. I’m so glad I had it done. All my best to your entire team, Bruce“


Cecelia had periodontal disease that was eating away bone and causing her teeth to shift. She lost so much bone that none of her teeth could be saved.

Cecelia didn’t ever want dentures and wanted teeth that never have to come out. It was important to her to save as much bone as she could and have a healthy smile that looked natural and beautiful.

Permanently attached zirconia bridge work was designed for Cecelia to complement her face and give her a beaming smile she can be proud of. Her dental implants will help preserve the bone she has left in her jaws so her face maintains its fullness.

“I look and feel so much healthier it’s amazing. I’m so happy I had this done and it really wasn’t bad at all. You and your staff are wonderful. Thank you so much for helping me, Cecelia”


Michael had periodontal disease that was progressively getting worse causing his teeth to get loose and shift. He knew he had to do something so he researched online and found Teeth Next Day®. He wanted the most up to date procedure that would give him strong healthy teeth and eliminate all his dental disease.

All of Michael’s teeth were removed, Implants and Teeth Next Day were placed. His zirconia implant bridgework looks, feels and functions like real teeth and his mouth is totally healthy.

“Teeth Next Day® was the right place for me to have my dental implants done and the zirconia bridge work feels great. I’m just tickled pink. Thanks, Michael"


Rafael had older dental work that was breaking and failing. All of his upper teeth were decayed and his bite was collapsing. He wanted teeth that never come out and he wanted the strongest, most permanent option available.

Teeth Next Day was the perfect solution for Rafael. His zirconia bridge is actually stronger than his original teeth, so it will never crack, chip or stain. Now Rafael eats whatever he likes and never had to worry about failing dental work again.

“Dr. Ajmo and his team are really professional and extremely courteous. I’m so happy with the quality of their work, I brought my wife in to have her missing teeth replaced. My best to all of you, Rafael”


Harry lost most of his teeth except a few in the front. He had difficulty eating and finally came to the realization that his missing teeth were detracting from his looks.

Harry wanted to be able to eat a nice steak again and asked for the whitest smile he could get. He had Teeth Next Day performed on the top and bottom jaw, and then had upper and lower zirconia bridges made.

Harry eats whatever he wants, including a juicy steak, and he has a bright white smile he flashes wherever he goes.

“I eat all kinds of foods with absolutely no problem and my mouth feels natural again. I’m so proud of my new smile and everyone says I look great. I can’t thank the team at Teeth Next Day® enough. Thank you so much, Harry"


Ina had an older upper denture and her remaining lower teeth were failing. Her bite was completely collapsed causing her lips to pucker and roll in, making her face look older than she really is.

Ina wanted attached teeth that never come out and she wanted a smile that rejuvenated her looks.

Teeth Next Day gave her more volume to her face and her smile. Now she looks healthier and more youthful.

“Words cannot describe how much better I feel. My friends keep telling me how wonderful I look, but they can’t figure out why. They think I had a facelift. This has given me a whole new outlook on life. Thank you for your amazing work, Ina”


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