Straight teeth can make a good smile a really great one, and a great smile is one of our biggest assets. A smile suggests a friendly, approachable nature, and research has suggested that a brilliant smile can create enhanced opportunities in our work lives, social lives and personal lives. Yet, so many of us feel ashamed of our teeth. In the past, treating crooked, overlapping or gap teeth required a mouth full of metal and elastic that was so unappealing, it put many people off fixing their teeth altogether. However, times have changed and Invisalign offers a modern approach to teeth-straightening treatment.

Step One

The first thing that will happen is that your dentist or orthodontist will assess your candidacy for Invisalign treatment. Whilst it is successful for the majority of mild to severe dental alignment problems, there are some issues that it cannot help with. These include complex bite problems and teeth that are severely rotated or compacted.

Step Two

Once your dentist or orthodontist has agreed that you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment, you will have physical and/or digital impressions taken of your teeth. These will create a 3d image of your teeth and bite which will be used to create your treatment plan and the aligners that you will wear.

Step Three

Approximately two to three weeks later your new aligners will arrive at your Invisalign provider’s office, ready to be collected. These will be clearly labelled with the order in which you need to use them to gradually move your teeth into their projected positions. The first set of aligners will be checked to ensure that they are a good and comfortable fit. Each set of aligners should be worn for the recommended time before swapping to the next aligner in the schedule. Each aligner is generally worn for a two-week period, but the exact number of aligners as well as how long each set should be worn will be determined by your individual treatment plan. Your orthodontist will then schedule regular appointments with you to check the progress of your treatment.

Step Four

The length of your treatment can vary, but will not be dissimilar to the amount of time it takes for conventional orthodontic braces to work. By following your treatment plan and wearing your aligners consistently, your treatment will be as effective and efficient as possible.

This timeline is just a guideline to how Invisalign treatment works. For an accurate assessment of your personal timeline, please speak to your dentist or orthodontist who will be happy to advise you.