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Change Your Smile & Change Your Life with Teeth Next Day®

Are you experiencing pain & suffering from bad teeth and poor dental health. Are you struggling with missing teeth and failing dental work? Are you constantly dealing with the shame & frustrations of advanced dental diseases and problematic teeth you’re ashamed of?

You’re not alone - millions of people suffer from major dental problems that drastically affect their overall health and wellbeing and about 10% of all American adults are missing all of their teeth.

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withTeeth Next Day®

Besides having negative consequences on your ability eat the foods you like, speak clearly and smile like most people, tooth loss may be taking a psychological toll on your entire life. Missing one or more teeth can hold you back from enjoying food, socializing, smiling, laughing, and from living your life to the fullest.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and feeling depressed by the image looking back at you, then Teeth Next Day® may be the perfect solution for you. The best part about it? You can get a brand new, functional, and beautiful smile all in one day! Teeth Next Day® offers a unique and effective solution to failing and missing teeth that you can’t find with any other treatment.


withTeeth Next Day®

With all the different types of teeth replacement treatments on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin. There are multiple types of implant-supported options, but you should see for yourself why none of them compete with Teeth Next Day®.

What sets Teeth Next Day® apart from other dental implant options:

  • Most “Teeth in One Day” solutions use acrylic teeth which have a tendency to stain, crack and break over time. Teeth Next Day® permanent restorations are crafted out of zirconia, the hardest tooth colored material used in dentistry today.
  • Zirconia Implant Bridges are 100% resistant to cracks, chips, and stains, so your smile will stay white and beautiful for years to come.
  • Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridges are completely smooth and non-porous, making them ultra-durable, comfortable, and odorless.
  • The strength of the permanent Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge allows you to eat whatever you want, so your diet won’t be restricted to softer foods like it is with weak acrylic bridges.
  • Unlike full sets of traditional dental implants, Teeth Next Day® allows you to replace an entire arch of teeth in ONE DAY with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort
  • Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Bridgework has a 100% success rate and in many cases, can last a lifetime.

Change Your Smile & Change Your Life with Teeth Next Day®

The Only Permanent Solution of Its Kind

Why wait any longer? Your life is now and you only have one chance to live it.

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful healthy smile with TEETH NEXT DAY.

If you’re dealing with failing or missing teeth on your top or lower jaw, or if you’re dealing with failing dental work and need help, Teeth Next Day® may just be the answer to your problems. Call us today at 561-220-0200, and get a happier and healthier life with Teeth Next Day®.